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Gameboy Genius » Gameboy music how-to

This is a guide that I’m compiling to help people get started with Gameboy music and get an overview of some of the tools that exist for Gameboy music making.


neotericz micro site

neotericz is an 8-bit music project from Buenos Aires, Argentina, leaded by Ignat and inspired by electronic-mechanical-dance music styles like (old school) techno, acid house, italo, hiphouse, new beat, industrial / ebm, experimental.

_____.....:::::(((((((((( GameMUSICIANS.03 )))))))))) :::::....._____

With the coming out of Gameboy cartridges with music softwares inside, some electronic musicians started to get sounds and music out of the internal sound-chip of the hand-held


Gameboy Discodirt

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8-bit hard-chip tunes for your ears:::

do the tendo with teamtendo

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This domain name expired on 03/02/2005 and is pending renewal or deletion.

Some LSDj artists are putting out stuff on the web.

Little Sound Dj

The basic idea is to transform a plain Game Boy/Game Boy Color into a full-fledged music workstation : Sequencer, Sound, Samples, MIDI interface


Gameboy superstar from Sweden !


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The best of the game boy

Rockbox open-source firmware, but more importantly, Rockboy - Engadget -

iriver / archos open firmware replacement no features a gnuboy (gb emulator) port !

Sidabitball greatest hits

World famous chiprocker sidabitball got as a website one of his first fan homepage.

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