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Salon Fais-Le Toi-Même

Fabriquer ses livres, enregistrer sa musique chez soi, faire ses propres films, sérigraphier ses posters, coudre ses propres monstres en peluche, badgerbadger...

2006 - Self Publishing - Free

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Publish a book, CD, DVD, image or calendar — and order it within minutes.

Incredible Machines - Google Video

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Champions du monde du bricolage à la con.

Tristan Perich - One Bit Music - Electrophysical

Perich programs and packages electronics in a standard CD jewel case. The device plays minimal glitch/dance music when headphones are plugged in.

Roil Noise

Roil Noise Øffensive formed in 1995 as an outlet for DIY and independent artists to release recordings and publish work. Aside from entertaining ourselves, the extreme sounds and visual materials we produce come from a deep loathing of mainstream pop culture and the ever expanding commercial entertainment wasteland.


The amazing Linux Duracell CPU load monitor

There you have it : the most imprecise, slow, power-hungry, finicky and unreliable CPU load monitor in the world. Aren't you happy ? :-)

Homemade Sex Toys - Sex Toy Shopping

Too embarrassed (or too cheap) to buy sex toys? This site shows you how, step-by-step, to build them yourself.

Reprogrammable Genesis cartridge

I got tired of playing Sonic and MicroMachines so I decided to build a reprogrammable cartridge.

Excel Realtime Fourier synthesis

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The following Excel application will allow you to synthesize sounds.

tonepad -- a resource for d.i.y. music projects

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Tonepad is dedicated to providing ready-to-use layouts for effects and amplifier projects to the do-it-yourself music community.

T O Y S !

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Here are some free paper toys that you can make yourself.

Boing Boing: Wacky, wiggly, worm-powered synth

a homebrew synth with a patchbay which is controlled by wriggling live worms

paroxysm records


Bricoleurs Sans Frontières

Welcome to this dummie site of bsf


MIDIbox FM utilizies the Yamaha YMF262 sound chip (also known as OPL3) for generating the famous FM sounds known from Soundblaster (compatible) soundcards of the early 90s

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