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February 2008

It's About the Product, Silly - Jay Pipes

So, my point is that it is not the marketing of a product that counts — indeed, false marketing statements or tactics can backfire quickly. What counts is the product itself. Marketing should be the function of promoting the innovative advantages of a product in the above three categories.

November 2007

innodb-tools - Google Code

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This set of tools could be used to check InnoDB tablespaces and to recover data from damaged tablespaces or from dropped/truncated InnoDB tables.

Software As She’s Developed » Blog Archive » Did you hear the one about enterprise reuse?

Ironically, it’s usually easier to reuse publicly-available libraries (e.g. open-source libs on sourceforge) and public web services than those in the same company. The following things make reuse more digestible in an enterprise setting:

Event Lobby (EVENT: 92421)

Subversion™ is the fastest growing version control system for distributed development teams and its rapid adoption is a phenomenon in small and large organizations. Recently evaluated to be the Sole Leader among Standalone SCM Solutions by Forrester Research, it is taking the developer world by storm. During this webcast, you will learn about the exciting new features coming out in the next release, Subversion 1.5, including merge tracking. Learn how to implement branching strategies that best fit your organization, and utilize merge tracking functionality to integrate changes. Learn from real life examples of branching and merging, so that you can accelerate development within your enterprise using Subversion’s new features.

September 2007

Blogging From Berkeley: Session State is Evil

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There is a giant sucking sound of processing power, time, money, and intellectual resources being used up on this problem, all because someone wants to store a shopping cart in HttpSession.

Mike Naberezny - Better PHPUnit Group Annotations

Running phpunit --group bug42 AllTests.php will run only the tests associated with bug #42, regardless of what files and groups those test methods span.

August 2007

Open Source Strategies: Ingredients of a Healthy Open Source Projects

This sounds funny, but some open source projects forget that they need users.

The Usability of Passwords -

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Passwords can be made both highly secure and user-friendly.

PHPUnit as a Project Mess Detector - Sebastian Bergmann

Well. As of version 3.2, PHPUnit will not only be able to calculate and collect a variety of software metrics. It will also be able to report violations of rules that are based on these metrics in PMD's XML format. This information can then be fed to any tool that integrates with PMD.


The talk covers many different aspects in API design and contains examples of good practice and common mistakes. Many of the principles and guidelines discussed aren’t new, but you rarely see so many of them summarized.

Pardon My French, But This Code Is C.R.A.P.

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Beauty and The Beast. I begin my exploration of ugliness in code with some background and an overview of what most people consider to be crappy code.

July 2007

White Paper: Intelligent Updates to Configuration Files - Spike Developer Zone

In this paper, we provide a new two­fold solution – automated merging of changes that are done by a software provider after installation and manual merging of changes performed by the user thereafter. While some manual intervention is required in this approach, it is a more reliable solution. This approach also includes a tool to ease the manual file comparison and merge process.

Error Buddy - Spike Developer Zone

Do you have an error message from your application? Then find the answer with Error Buddy. You can search over 40000 source code files and troubleshooting documents using our beta lucene/nutch search interface or if you prefer, search as normal using google. With LXR technology you can drill right down into the line of source code where it came from with full cross-referencing.

Software As She’s Developed » Blog Archive » The only thing wrong with GoF Design Patterns is …

Jeff Attwood recently pointed out the difference between Gamma et al’s Design Patterns and Alexanders’ equivalent and outlined a critique of the former which characterises it as “replacing actual thought and insight with a plodding, mindless, cut-and-paste code generation template mentality”.

MySQL AB :: How to write a successful patch

Submitting patches to Open Source code doesn't come naturally to everyone.

Review Board

For too long, code reviews have been too much of a chore. This is largely due to the lack of quality tools available, leaving developers to resort to e-mail and bug tracker-based solutions. At VMware, we've traditionally done code reviews over e-mail. A significant amount of time was wasted in forming review requests, switching between the diff and the e-mail, and trying to understand what parts of the code the reviewer was referring to. We decided to fix all that.

ChipLog » Blog Archive » Review Board

it started out simple, but grew to be pretty powerful and useful quickly. It was designed to automate and simplify the process of creating review requests and actually reviewing code.

June 2007 » Blog Archive » Asshole driven development

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Asshole Driven development (ADD) - Any team where the biggest jerk makes all the big decisions is asshole driven development. All wisdom, logic or process goes out the window when Mr. Asshole is in the room, doing whatever idiotic, selfish thing he thinks is best. There may rules and processes, but Mr. A breaks them and people follow anyway.

James Carr » Blog Archive » TDD Anti-Patterns

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Recently I began to write a paper on TDD Anti-Patterns, and decided to first quickly jot down some of the most common ones that others or myself have encountered “in the wild.” Exception-Handling Antipatterns

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Should you throw an exception, or return null? Should you use checked or unchecked exceptions? For many novice to mid-level developers, exception handling tends to be an afterthought. Their typical pattern is usually a simple try/catch/printStackTrace(). When they try to get more creative, they usually stumble into one or more common exception handling antipatterns.

April 2007

BehaviourDrivenDevelopment - Behaviour-Driven Development

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Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) is an evolution in the thinking behind TestDrivenDevelopment and AcceptanceTestDrivenPlanning.