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The Future of Ideas is now Free (Lessig Blog)

After a productive and valuable conversation with my publisher, Random House, they've agreed to permit The Future of Ideas to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. You can download the book for free here, or above.


Peel & TOTP Open Data

As promised we've just released data for John Peel and Top of the Pops under creative commons. Also a demo app of 'clickable tracklists' with nowplaying api. Both the Tracklist and TOTP sites have been impregnated with MusicBrainz IDs. Peel here, TOTP here, Tracklist demo here.


Creative Commons Licenses Enforced in Dutch Court | Creative Commons

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The case confirmed that the conditions of a Creative Commons license automatically apply to the content licensed under it.

The Pirate Bay - Binärpilot - Discography 2002-2005

Sporting 224MB of crazy electro, the discography contains 57 weapons of popdestruction sorted into the following releases:

Binärpilot - Free electronic music

Hello, I make electronic music. You can download fragments of me on this resource node. Dance like no one is watching.


Internet Archive: Plan 9 From Outer Space

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Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Jamendo : Open your ears

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jamendo is a new model for music artists to promote, publish, and be financially rewarded for their works. | Music | Anti-Anti-Piracy Seal

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Independent artists need a method to alert fans that they won't face 20 years of prison time for downloading their songs.

Aussie actors' guild forbids members to use Creative Commons

"The Australian equivalent of the Screen Actors Guild has apparently refused to allow its members to participate in a film project--because the project would be licensed under a Creative Commons license:"

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