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Ignite Realtime: a real time collaboration community site

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Ignite Realtime is the community site for the users and developers of Jive Software's open source Real Time Communications projects. Your involvement is helping to change the open RTC landscape.

[Beta] Rapid coding collaboration: Springloops

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Springloops is a unique source code management tool focused on web development teams. It allows you to code in parallel and share your code safely concentrated on results, not on lost changes or overwritten files. You get rapid collaboration in protected space. Thanks to the project management perspective it serves the getting things done attitude. Moreover, Springloops reduces repeatable activities in your day-to-day work. It makes great things simple.



OpenPSA - OpenPSA - Free Management Software for Consultancies

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OpenPSA is a Free, Web-based Management Software Package for Consultancies and Service organizations.

FNServer Image Collaboration Software

FNServer is image collaboration software for web servers written for PHP4/5 implementing the FotoNotes(TM) image annotation specification. Modular and object-oriented, FNServer runs stand-alone or as a part of other CMS's. Offers blog and wiki features.

The Launchpad!

The Launchpad is a collection of services for projects in the open source universe. Here you can register your project, and collaborate with your community on translations, bug squashing and the code you write.

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