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SteerCMS Demo Site

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Steer CMS is a state of the art Open Source content management system which offers a number of features and benefits. From an intelligent and intuitive workflow model and administration, to lean and ultra fast blend of dynamic, and static public interfaces, it lends itself perfectly to enterprise level and SME implementations. Steer CMS has been engineered as a robust and scalable platform for high traffic sites. Built on Symfony framework, It uses a plugable architecture to provide a set of standard services while retaining the flexibility to add new modules for specialised functions.


Drupal 7 and PHP 5.2 |

# As of Drupal 7, changes to Drupal which use language features found exclusively in PHP 5.2 will be considered for acceptance into Drupal core. # This policy effectively means that Drupal 7 will be incompatible with PHP 4.

SilverStripe - Open Source CMS / Framework

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Powerful enough for any website or intranet design and simple enough for your Mum to use

Poo-tee-weet - blog

But still, the future of CMS with PHP cannot be stuck with PHP4 until eternity. I really want to use a nice framework that leverages all the cool new PHP5 features and most importantly the new established design philosophies found since the advent of PHP5.

JSR-170: What's in it for me? -- CMS Watch

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As you can imagine, JSR-170 is likely to cause a healthy shake-up in the CMS market and beyond. But standards like this can seem very abstract, begging the question, "what's in it for me?" To answer that question, we'll take a closer look at the repository problem today, the new standard, and then we’ll get back to the positive impacts for developers, CIOs, system integrators, editors, and even vendors.


A Scenario-based Approach to Evaluating CMS Vendors -- CMS Watch

In the recent update to The CMS Report, we've identified twelve common scenarios against which vendors can be judged. What follows is a short distillation of our thinking.

GnomeWeb/CmsRequirements - GNOME Live!

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This is a list of categorized requirements for the CMS system that will serve If you recommend a CMS check this list against its features.


WeblogTech | Welcome

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WeblogTech is a resource of information about weblogs, services and the tools used for making them.

ezPublish comparison with Drupal's OO architecture

This is a very informative article on the design choices made by the php-based CMS Drupal team--from an object-oriented programming point of view.

CMS Matrix

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Content Management Comparison Tool

CivicSpace Labs

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