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Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Blogmark - All Releases

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Easily add a new blogmark ( thanks to a menu item in the context menu of the page.

Code Snippets: Blogmarks to Html conversion [html] [xml] [xslt] [atom] [blogmarks]

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This file is intended to transform a Blogmarks atom feed ( into html code fragment to be included in a complete page. FeedLounge to Blogmarks

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This script adds a button in FeedLounge that lets you post directly to Blogmarks any item -- nhoizey strikes back.

December 2005

Blogmarks intégré à Google !

"Non, il ne s’agit pas d’une nouvelle croustillante sur un hypothétique rachat de Blogmarks1 par Google" -- merde alors ! BlogmarksInGoogle

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This script – inspired by Goofd – adds to Google results page last marks, with same tags as terms searched in Google.

November 2005


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With MonitorThis you can subscribe to 15 different search engine feeds at the same time. Enter a search term and click the 'make monitor.opml' button to get a list of rss feeds in OPML format.

October 2005

September 2005

Faut-il utiliser des tags composés de plusieurs mots ? - Gastero Prod

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Depuis que j’utilise des tags, sur des sites ou services de plus en plus nombreux, je ne m’étais jamais posé cette question, mais elle ne me semble pas anodine.

August 2005

June 2005

Services_Blogmarks PHP Toolkit

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A PHP Client to the Atom API

Lien de soumission à

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Quelques minutes plus tard, la fonction dcSubmitToBlogmarks() était née :D

BlogmarksEnable your site ! - : Blog

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Just a little howto for those of you who would like to add a nice Add to link to the articles published on their blog (or anything else).