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JavaScript Project Generator

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A simple command-line tool to create the folders and helper files for a new JavaScript project/library. As a bonus, you can quickly create a website to promote your project.

Cerny.js - Introduction

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Cerny.js is a JavaScript library aiming to ease development of JavaScript projects in large development teams.


[ANN] mod_concat

The ability to concatenate CSS or javascript files into a single HTTP request.

Mike Davidson: How To Keep Widgets From Slowing Down Sites: WEDJE

WEDJE is similar to the innerHTML method above except it creates what is effectively a cross-platform, cross-browser defer, enabling your script to load and execute asynchronously across all environments.


You cannot rely on JavaScript being available. Period. | 456 Berea Street

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I have a question for people who label themselves as JavaScript developers: Have you forgotten about, never heard of, or never cared about the terms progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, and Hijax? If the answer is yes, then please tell me why.

Really easy field validation with Prototype * Dexagogo

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I wanted a robust javascript validation library that was simple to implement and didn't require me do any extra work other than creating the form.

Vitamin Features » Create your own Ajax effects

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The basic and prebuilt effects in are nice, but if you really want to build something great why not investigate doing your own, homegrown, do-it-yourself effects. We’re going to show you how to take basic effects and build on them to create your own.

Yahoo! Developer Network Home - Welcome!

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Welcome to the Yahoo! Developer Network. We help software developers integrate their Web sites and applications with Yahoo! using standard technologies such as XML and RSS.


Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours

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Behaviour lets you use CSS selectors to specify elements to add javascript events to.


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JavaScript modules for browsers with as minimal a build/install system as possible.

JSDoc Homepage

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JSDoc is a tool that parses inline documentation in JavaScript source files, and produces an HTML summary

AKBK home - Project Coding Standards

These are general notes applied to Projects that I work on, the main intent is to try and make the code maintainable over a long period of time.

Event Cache | Novemberborn

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The Internet Explorer web browser [...] has a fault in its garbage collection system that prevents it from garbage collecting ECMAScript and some host objects


Optimizing JavaScript for Execution Speed

Work through an optimization process and speed up your web site. Learn how to improve your JavaScript by choosing the right algorithm and data structure, refactoring to simplify code, minimizing DOM and I/O interaction, and using local optimizations last.