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DONATION> Tinytool est un espace de création plastique multimédia proposant des outils adaptés aux pratiques, permettant ainsi l’émancipation de l’artiste, qu’il soit plasticien, musicien, vidéaste ou danseur...


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bringing the world fine electronic music, chiptune music, and experimental sounds creating visuals using experimentation, sub-standard programs, and inovative editing methods advancing the stature of electronic instruments through creativity and live applications defying conventional methods of music making and moving towards the future organizing cost effective events that showcase the talents of our members and friends providing quality cost effective entertainment and innovative premium merchandise bringing new undiscovered acts recognition and visibility in a new and growing art / music scene


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Mazemod is a web radio dedicated to amiga & tracker music culture streaming various styles of computer electronic music from the demoscene & computer art subculture.



:We are the Strange: An animated feature film by M dot Strange:

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We are the Strange is an animated feature film in which two diametrically opposed outcasts fight for survival in a sinister fantasy world. After meeting in the somber Forest of Still Life, an abused young woman (Blue) reluctantly follows a care free dollboy(Emmm) to Stopmo City on his unreasonable quest for ice cream.


meme complex. cluster of infectious parasitic ideas. cultural virus that replicates in minds.

Otro "Crack #1"

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First issue of Crack, a fanzine presenting the art of French pixel wonder boy Otro. 20 pages, slightly larger than A4.

mario soup

This piece examines the unpacking of a Nintendo game cartridge, decoding the program as a four-color image, revealing a beautiful soup of the thousands of individual elements that make up the game screen.

ArtLab : Laboratoire de creations

Nous réunissons des artistes indépendants issus de disciplines et milieux variés dans le but de créer des projets jouant de leurs complémentarités. L'association et son site internet sont en pleine évolution n' hésitez pas a repasser ces jours-ci...



emballe-moi, t'es trop plastique.


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This is RTTY art, the precursor to what most people call Text or ASCII Art. It is also one of the largest collections of this artform available


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monochrom is an art-technology-philosophy group of basket weaving enthusiasts and theory do-it-yourselfers having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis. monochrom is the super-affirmation of the globalization trap. monochrom has existed in this (and every other) form since 1993.


La série des Brouillages est présentée par dans le cadre de son hors-série sur le nu.

muzzy.NET - mspaint gallery

The best painting program out there!

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