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September 2005


La série des Brouillages est présentée par dans le cadre de son hors-série sur le nu.

May 2005

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||| micromusic mix 2005 ||| is online! 70 minutes of pure lo-tech sound featuring tracks by Jellica, Egotronic, Desert Planet, Paris HQ or Goto80... Have a look at the tracklist here.

March 2005 - Data Destruction - Mar 22, 2005

International group of musicians under investigation following "Data Destruction Tour" that culminated in a vicious sonic assault on Sunday night.


An unprecedented tour featuring a mobile live-chiptune assault unit consisting of underground 8-bit superstars Covox (Rebel Pet Set), Nullsleep (8bitpeoples), and Bit Shifter (555 Recordings). Game Boys and Nintendo Entertainment Systems, forcibly conscripted into the manufacture of unprecedented electronic music -- low-res, high-energy, and completely unique. Innocent melodies and deadly beats collide to form a subversive new arsenal, all delivered on video game consoles. Brace yourselves.

Council Presidency Adopts Software Patent Agreement Against Council's Rules

"7 March 2005 -- The Council Presidency today declared the software agreement of 18 May 2004 to have been adopted, in violation of the procedural rules and in spite of the evident lack of a qualified majority of member states and the requests of several states to reopen negotiations." RHAAAAAAA

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