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August 2005

Off-the-Record Messaging

encryption for instant messaging .. AudiumX has it built in!! and iChat and gAim Can use it


usb linux server with fingerprint scanner that takes over a windows or linux pc while plugged in.. many cool uses

July 2005

Getting an SMIME certificate - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Getting a free e-mail certificate in thunderbird

The International PGP Home Page

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links to much freeware and other stuff

Where to Get PGP

Philip Zimmermann on PGP history and other things - enigmail: index

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Enigmail: gpg encryption for thunderbird. now with openpgp

June 2005

Off-the-Record Messaging

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encryption for chats (open source)

May 2005

Far-Blue - Projects - ABKey

address book gpg key manager

April 2005

Wireless LAN security guide - By George Ou

good simple guide to effectual Wireless Security

January 2005

December 2004

Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system

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open source onion skin routing system

MetroPipe - Portable Virtual Privacy Machine

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The geek version of the site with geeky details

MetroPipe Portable Virtual Privacy Machine

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open source, free, soon to run under osx too

November 2004

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