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October 2005

Identity 2.0

by 3 others
building a real digital identity system

July 2005

June 2005

Brendan's Roadmap Updates

by 1 other
blog of guy who created javascript


Dave's blog

Planet rails

bunch of rails blog's feeds aggregated into one site

May 2005


by 2 others
many rails tips (blog)

April 2005

M@ McCray

blogger / rails developer

Simon Willison's Weblog

by 7 others
programmer w/ interesting projects up his sleeve

March 2005

Run Jen Run

humorous postings in letter format

ecto blog

by 19 others
probably the best blogging client

February 2005

(24)Slash7: Really Getting Started in Rails

by 4 others
another rails blog...dunno if it'll be good


by 1 other
a blog about rails

December 2004

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