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22 May 2006

Mastering Information Overload: An interview with Robin Good of | NetSquared

An interview with Robin Good about how organizations can deal with information overload by making on individual the Newsmaster. Info on how Newsmasters use search and RSS to gather the most important information in any field.

13 May 2006

12 May 2006

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Contest: Tag web applications, win web applications

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Tag the best web app for research of the month and win a year's subscription to premium service at any web app of your choice (up to a limit).

11 May 2006

Marshall Kirkpatrick » is like Digg for eco-types, but hardly used

TreeHugger's new digg clone Hugg should be getting lots of use, but it's not. Why not?

25 April 2006

On the care and feeding of a techno-garden: an interview with Lifehacker's Gina Trapani | NetSquared

An interview with Gina Trapani, editor of Lifehacker, about differences between the for-profit and non-profit tech worlds, her tips on working with tech effectively and building an audience for your blog.

19 April 2006

12 April 2006

10 April 2006

Metadata for the Emerging Future: An Interview with Stuart Weibel | NetSquared

Stuart Weibel is a research scientist for OCLC and used to head the Dublin Core Initiative.

31 March 2006

30 March 2006

Calendering the Social Web: an interview with Leonard Lin of | NetSquared

An interview with one of the co-founders of the social calendering service recently bought by Yahoo! Supports all kinds of neat tools, tagging, groups, comments, RSS, etc. Lin is a very thoughtful man, discussing the broader implications of new web tools on society.

29 March 2006

28 March 2006

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Social Signal to teach strategic blogging workshop in B.C. this May

A write up on an upcoming 4 day workshop on strategic use of blogs. Taught by some very smart people.

27 March 2006

Filter RSS with Feed Rinse

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Great service here. See my review of it on

26 March 2006

Making knowledge sharing easy: an interview with Squidoo's Heath Row | NetSquared

An interview with the Community Development Director at Squidoo, Heath Row.

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