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14 March 2006

Dmoz Sucks - The Closed Directory Project

Dmoz Sucks is a web site critical of the Dmoz Open Directory Project which is owned by Netscape and of its lazy editors. Website offers critical views of the directory and discussions of ways to improve it. By the way, this site is has a page rank of 0 in Google, and Google does not index these pages, so the only way to find it is via some other link.

02 March 2006

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson biography, photos, KFC cruelty, etc.

Blogs by Googlers

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Blogs by selected Google Employees

Sasha Cohen Best Sites

Best sites for biographical information, photos, interviews, etc. about Sasha Cohen

Most Popular Sites about Google

Links to the ~40 most popular Google related sites, excluding itself. Includes links to the various Google services such as Video, Earth, Blog Search, etc.

Google Sandbox - List of Human-Reviewed Sites

Sifting through the sites jam-packed with ads but with either blather or little-to-no information about the Google Sandbox. These are the sites I personally reviewed.

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