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December 2010

April 2010

WebSockets in Firefox

Code isn’t the issue – we’ve had that for a while. It’s whether or not there’s consensus on if the protocol is “done enough” to ship it to a few hundred million people.

January 2010

What’s Next in HTML, episode 1

The big news in HTML is r4439, which adds the device element. [...] The idea is that a device element would go hand in hand with a video element and a web socket.

December 2009

Comet is dead long live websockets

I've just had a chance to play with the implementation of websockets in Googles Chrome browser

The Web Socket protocol

The Web Sockets protocol enables two-way communication between a user agent running untrusted code running in a controlled environment to a remote host that has opted-in to communications from that code.

Web Sockets Now Available In Google Chrome

XHR is basically asynchronous HTTP, and [...] simple tasks rapidly become complex. As opposed to XMLHttpRequest, Web Sockets provide a real bidirectional communication channel in your browser.

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