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Gradients, two new range based CSS selectors and background extensions

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This is good news for the cutting-edge developer, as WebKit’s own proprietary syntax won’t be nessesary anymore in the near feature.


Why We Choose HTML5 for User Experiences on Devices

Our PS3 UI was written entirely using HTML5, on a custom build of Webkit ported to the PS3 by our crack team of engineers.

Sneak — Fixing the background 'bleed'

I recently came up against an issue in Safari where the background colour of an element seemed to ‘bleed’ through the edge of the corners when applying both borders and a border-radius


Already works in WebKit nightlies and in the current version of Google Chrome

CSS3 Memory

A beautiful card game of Memory created using WebKit animations


WebKit nightlies support HTML5 noreferrer link relation

The noreferrer link relation is one of many link relations defined in the HTML5 spec, and the first to be implemented in WebKit.  We hope it will make life a little easier for web developers who have concerns about user privacy and security.

Understanding Browser HTTP Accept Headers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and WebKit (Safari / Chrome)

Content-negotiation with the Accept header is an interesting idea in principle that is hard to use properly in practice because browsers misuse it


Plainview: OS X full-screen web browser

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Plainview is a Mac OS X Cocoa app that uses WebKit

Surfin' Safari - CSS Masks

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Encore un truc de ouf implémenté dans les nightly de Webkit

Introducing CSS Gradients

WebKit now supports gradients specified in CSS


Downloadable Fonts

WebKit now supports CSS @font-face rules


Web Inspector Gains New Eyes for Metrics, Properties

Web Inspector finally can provide those critical Metrics and Properties of each DOM element on my web pages

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