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Three New Features: Universal Player, Watch Later and Roku on Vimeo Staff Blog

Since we rolled out the HTML5 player in January people have been clamoring for an embeddable version, especially for iPhones and iPads. Today we're taking a big leap forward for compatibility and updating our embed code. We call it the Universal Player.

Flash and the HTML5 <video> tag

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This work has shown us that, while the video tag is a big step forward for open standards, the Adobe Flash Platform will continue to play a critical role in video distribution.

The choice for Theora · Fronteers

The core question is: What's more important? Giving the best experience to the largest number of visitors, or joining the fight for a world in which every user of the internet can watch and create videos without any barriers.

Try our new HTML5 player! on Vimeo Staff Blog

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The simple fact is right now h264 allows us the most flexibility to display on many devices and many players with the same file. When that changes, so will we.

Introducing YouTube HTML5 Supported Videos

HTML5 on YouTube doesn't support videos with ads, captions, or annotations and it requires a browser that supports both the video tag and h.264 encoded video (currently that means Chrome, Safari, and ChromeFrame on Internet Explorer).


Decoding the HTML 5 video codec debate

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There is a clear need for an open alternative, but the codec controversy could make it difficult.


Theora vs. h.264

A lot was said lately about the Vorbis/Theora vs h.264/AAC situation on the draft of the HTML5