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Upload files using flash and javascript - SWFUpload

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A small javascript/flash library to get the best of both worlds - The great upload capabilitys of flash and the accessibility and ease of html/css

swfIR: swf Image Replacement

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swfIR (swf Image Replacement) is here to solve some of the design limitations of the standard HTML image and its widely-accepted associated CSS values, while still supporting standards-based design concepts



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SWFAddress is a small script that sits on top of SWFObject and enables the Back, Forward and Refresh buttons of the browser and creates unique URLs with page titles that can be sent over email or IM.

Flash, DHTML Menus and Accessibility

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It's not uncommon to hear developers complaining that their DHTML menus, when triggered, have dropped behind the Flash movie below them. It's also not uncommon to hear, "that's just how they work."


Action Script Viewer

SWF Flash decompiler and resource extractor for Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash movies (SWF files)


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ActionScript decompiler

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