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Surfin’ Safari - CSS3 Gradients

The new syntax has four gradient functions


Can Apple Safari avoid another Pwn2Own embarrassment?

List of remote code execution flaws fixed with the new Safari 4.0.5


WebKit nightlies support HTML5 noreferrer link relation

The noreferrer link relation is one of many link relations defined in the HTML5 spec, and the first to be implemented in WebKit.  We hope it will make life a little easier for web developers who have concerns about user privacy and security.


Flash only when you want it


SafariSource is a SIMBL plugin that adds syntax coloring to Safari's source view

Surfin' Safari - CSS Animation

La syntaxe est pas mal, assez clean mais peut-être un peu verbose. En tous cas oui, ça à l'air plus facile à maintenir que du JS.


Safari Carpet Bomb

I recently communicated 3 security issues in the Safari browser to Apple

Inquisitor joins Yahoo!

The stylish Safari search hack is now owned by Yahoo

Surfin' Safari - CSS Masks

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Encore un truc de ouf implémenté dans les nightly de Webkit

Introducing CSS Gradients

WebKit now supports gradients specified in CSS

SVG + CSS Animations = Fisheye Fun

C'est un truc de fou ! A tester avec Safari 3.1

View Source in TextMate

For reasons unknown to me Safari does not let you choose what application you would like to view the HTML source in.

Surfin' Safari - Versioning, Compatibility and Standards

We think maintaining multiple versions of the engine would have many downsides for us and little upside. The IE team is, of course, under different constraints and free to make their own choices.


Downloadable Fonts

WebKit now supports CSS @font-face rules

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