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The Real Lessons Of Gawker’s Security Mess

Making unnecessary statements of bravado, statements potentially divorced from reality, changes the equation for an attacker, it suddenly makes compromising your environment worth more of his or her time.

Can Apple Safari avoid another Pwn2Own embarrassment?

List of remote code execution flaws fixed with the new Safari 4.0.5

Operation Aurora

Operation Aurora was a cyber attack conducted in mid-December 2009 and continuing into early January 2010.

Tous coupables ? Hadopi menace les réseaux Wi-Fi

WiFi présumé coupable. Hadopi est une loi inapplicable, coûteuse, et qui crée des injustices.


One bug to rule them all

Calling the select() method with a large integer, results in continuous allocation of x n bytes of memory exhausting memory after a while

The Problem With HTTPS SSL Runs Deeper Than MD5

To move forward, we first need to acknowledge that the current HTTPS SSL mechanism is completely broken.

RapidSSL CA - MD5 and detailed info about the problem

Not all CAs using MD5 are automaticaly broken [...] Only with these 4 things in place it was possible to pull this off.


Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations of Wired Keyboard

Wired keyboards emit electromagnetic waves, because they contain eletronic components. These eletromagnetic radiation could reveal sensitive information such as keystrokes

TCP broken beyond fixing ?

Encore une annonce de talk qui fait trembler la planète

Revealed: The Internet's Biggest Security Hole

Après le DNS, le BGP. Ah ben il est beau ton Internet !

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