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Why We Choose HTML5 for User Experiences on Devices

Our PS3 UI was written entirely using HTML5, on a custom build of Webkit ported to the PS3 by our crack team of engineers.

Playstation 3 Hacking – Linux Is Inevitable

I still dare to say that if Sony had not removed “Other OS”, the PlayStation 3 would have been the first system to not get hacked.

The PS3 jailbroken?

USB hack allows homebrew, copied games

PS3: Forced Downgrades

The second interesting thing to mention is how a large international company again fails to recognize the Streisand effect.

PS3: Hacked

However, Sony's attempts to secure the game delivery system and the Blu-ray drive itself mean that there'd still be a huge reverse-engineering job required to enable piracy.


Sony Answers Our Questions About The New PlayStation 3

Do we need to stop yapping about backwards compatibility? "It's not coming back, so let me put that on the table"


PS3 backups running

This is for my h4x0rs !!!

Initial D Extreme Stage's Alternative Marketing

En attendant le jeu se paye un petit 26/40 par Famitsu

::: 頭文字D エクストリーム ステージ :::

Ouverture du site officiel du très attendu Initial D Extreme Stage sur Playstation 3, qui sera la conversion du mégahit japonais Initial D Arcade Stage 4 en arcade sur Sega Lindbergh

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