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Amazon RDS, MySQL, Hmm?

BTW if you follow their "use mysqldump" model for pushing data into the service, remember that --single-transaction will allow you to do a hot backup. There is no need to lock up your current database. I am still appalled at how few people know that. Years ago we should have renamed "mysqldump" to "mysqlbackup" and defaulted the settings for Innodb.

Expanding the Cloud: The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

En tout cas, leur discours marketing fait rêver :)

Compiling MySQL on Snow Leopard

These are instructions for compiling and installing a 64-bit version of MySQL on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)



The Shift project was started in May 2008 as a fork of the apparently defunct CocoaMySQL project. Whouhou !

Helping Dolphins Fly

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We're putting a billion dollars behind the M in LAMP




Universal Binary version of the CocoaMySQL-SBG


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A self-contained Apache, PHP, MySQL & phpMyAdmin distribution for OS X that can be used for easy local testing on top of the default OS X apache server



SQLGrinder is a native Mac OS X SQL editor and developer tool that gives you the tools needed to make your database development easy

Vous avez dit Inno DB ? - BLOGIX, le blog de qwix

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Un des reproches souvent fait à MYSQL, c'est sa non gestion des clés étrangères. Cependant ce n'est pas tout à fait vrai, car le moteur InnoDB des tables MYSQL permet de gérer de telle clées avec des fonctions bien utiles. Regardons un petit exemple.


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