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Mozilla grudgingly adopts H.264

"The state of video on the Web today and in mobile devices in particular is pushing us to change our policy. We've declined to adopt a technology that improves user experience in the hopes this will bring greater user sovereignty. Not many would try this strategy, but we did," she added.



Well, I'm Back: Video, Freedom And Mozilla

This is a good time to restate the facts and re-explain why Firefox does not support H.264.



The Google Browser - The Truth about Mozilla

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While the importance and potential success of GBrowser are continually downplayed internally at Mozilla, the Lizard believes our new overlord, John Lilly, does not underestimate what Google can do

Bridging Desktop And Web Applications - A Look At Mozilla Prism

New platforms like Adobe Air and Mozilla Prism are evolving that combine the benefits of Internet flow with the flexibility and power of desktop applications.




Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla

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How to make Internet Explorer-specific Web applications work in Mozilla-based browsers.

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