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Why your Web content will look darker on Snow Leopard

[in 1984] Apple's pick of a 1.8 display gamma enabled the Macintosh displays to match the press

Things Removed in Snow Leopard

Mon PowerPC est dead :'( Je vais en faire un serveur de p0rn.

What's the OS X equivalent of "useradd -G _www niels" ?

sudo dscl . append /groups/groupname GroupMembership username


Leopard local Postfix

Tiger = sudo service smtp start, Leopard = sudo postfix start

Stainless for OS X Leopard

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A multi-process browser for OS X inspired by Google Chrome

Leopard Security Configuration (PDF)

240-page PDF book from Apple, filled with security configuration information for Leopard


Macworld: The end of Netinfo

No more Netinfo database, no more Netinfo Utilities such as nicl, no more Netinfo Manager


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