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The Making of Prince of Persia

Some highlights include: the day my kid brother modeled the prince's moves; the day Prince of Persia got its title; and the first rotoscoped animation test.

Interview with Adam Saltsman of Semi Secret Software

"In no particular order, Canabalt was inspired by District 9, Banlieue 13, Half Life 2, War of the Worlds (the book, not Spielberg's ridiculous movie), Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and in a kind of counter-inspirational way Mirror's Edge."

YouTube - 8-bit trip

Trip de junkie insane en 8 bits totale défonce


Return to Dark Castle

Yes, it's done, the long awaited sequel to the classic is finally available for purchase!




NintenGirls... le temps d'un fake

Quand Nintendogs se décline en version adulte le temps d'un fake


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On dirait que Nintendo change de politique ;-)

Video Game Ads

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SNES, PCE, PS2... plus de 2500 pubs pour des jeux vidéos

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