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Apple - Support - Discussions - "This ver. of iTunes (9.2.1) is the ...

Updating to iOS 4.2 requires iTunes 10.1 which, while it will run on a PowerPC system (iTunes 10 does not need an Intel-based system), requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.


Disable iTunes store arrow links in iTunes 8

Ca commence à me faire chier les mises à jour pas sèches

iTunes 7.7 bug - renames tags ...

Enorme bug dans iTunes 7.7 et sa gestion des tags ID3


Réflexions sur la musique

Steve Jobs a publié sur le site d’Apple une lettre ouverte très intéressante au sujet des DRM (gestion numérique des droits pour les fichiers musicaux). Comme son texte mérite d’être lu par le plus grand nombre, je l’ai traduit ici.

DAAP Licensing

When Apple released iTunes 7 last September, they changed the secret hashing. You would think they would have informed their DAAP licensees of this in advance and provided them with updated DAAP documentation. Not so.

Reading Between the Lines of Steve Jobs's 'Thoughts on Music'

Is it a challenge to the major record labels? An answer to the increasingly hostile European governments (Norway, France, Germany) that are pressuring Apple to 'open up' the iTunes Store? A message to the press to clarify Apple’s stance on DRM? A big fuck-you to Microsoft?

Norway: Apple's FairPlay DRM is illegal

For all practical purposes this means that iTunes Music Store is trying to kill off one the most important building blocks in a well functioning digital society, interoperability, in order to boost its own profits


Controlling iTunes from the Terminal

Un script de 2001 tout cool qui te permet de controller iTunes via le Terminal. Par conséquent tu peux être pépère sur ton lit, tu changes de track via SSH, normal quoi.

iTunes 7: Fetching artwork for fun and profit

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Perl library that basically allows you fetch a URL containing a neat 600x600 JPEG

iTunes 7 patches QTFairUse 2.2, QTFairUse 2.3 patches iTunes 7 - Engadget

At 6:23PM PST, QTFairUse version 2.3 came out, which added (beta) iTunes 7 support.

beaTunes - build better playlists

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Automatically determine BPM (beats per minute) and store the result in iTunes, inspect and fix your music library

Apple's Changing Things...

Apple is doing something with the way it handles artwork on the iTunes Music Store.

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