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Google+ Gets a “+1″ for Browser Security

Set-Cookie Secure, Set-Cookie HttpOnly, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection


Green Unicorn

Green Unicorn (gunicorn) is an HTTP/WSGI Server for UNIX designed to serve fast clients and nothing else. This is a port of Unicorn in Python.

La licorne verte

Pour faire bref, c’est le projet unicorn porté en python, pour servir vos webapps favorites, écrites dans votre framework favoris (paste, django, pylons …)


XEP-0124: Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH)

This specification defines a transport protocol that emulates the semantics of a long-lived, bidirectional TCP connection between two entities (such as a client and a server) by efficiently using multiple synchronous HTTP request/response pairs without requiring the use of frequent polling or chunked responses.

WebKit nightlies support HTML5 noreferrer link relation

The noreferrer link relation is one of many link relations defined in the HTML5 spec, and the first to be implemented in WebKit.  We hope it will make life a little easier for web developers who have concerns about user privacy and security.

Working with Web server logs

Learn how to parse and process the standard format for HTTP access logs

Let's talk about WSGI

HTTP is hard, let's go shopping!

Understanding Browser HTTP Accept Headers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and WebKit (Safari / Chrome)

Content-negotiation with the Accept header is an interesting idea in principle that is hard to use properly in practice because browsers misuse it (Birdfeeder)

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Birdfeeder is the prototype implementation of a RESTful, interoperable, Internet-scale microblogging protocol, tentatively called FETHR (Featherweight Entangled Timelines over HTTP Requests).


Désactiver les ETags ?

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[...] le navigateur risque de re-télécharger un document qu'il a déjà en cache. [...] Cela arrive dès qu’il y a plusieurs serveurs derrière un même site web


An IE AJAX gotcha: page caching | GreenAsh

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It appears that IE is prone to malfunctioning, unless a document accessed through AJAX has its HTTP header set to disallow caching. Beware!

REST Web Services

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Web Sites are Web Services (and Vice Versa)

Optimizing Page Load Time

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Tips to reduce your page load time

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