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New JavaScript Engine Module Owner

The History of JavaScript (in all its unseemly glory) by Brendan Eich


BBC - Dimensions

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Dimensions is an experimental prototype for the BBC. We want to bring home the human scale of events and places in history.

Quelques éléments d'histoire sur le DNS

"Le fichier PDF en question est une numérisation de l'original papier" Wesh wesh, original style :D

A Brief History of HTML

Why is there no support for RDFa in HTML5? Apparently no browser vendor wanted it.

A Brief History of Markup

Any web designers trying to make sense of this situation would have had an easier time deciphering a movie marathon of Memento, Primer, and the complete works of David Lynch

Plugging the CSS History Leak at Mozilla Security Blog

We're really excited about this fix, we hope other browsers will follow suit. It's a tough problem to fix, though, so I'd like to describe how we ended up with this approach.


Malcolm X at Oxford, 1964

"People in power have misused it, and now there has to be a change and a better world has to be built and the only way it’s going to be built is with extreme methods."

Why do we have an IMG element?

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Quite simply, because Marc Andreessen shipped one, and shipping code wins.

Mac OS X Over The Years

Déjà presque 10 ans depuis la première Public Beta  !


History of the browser user-agent string

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And behold, then came a new web browser known as "Mozilla", being short for "Mosaic Killer"

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