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Changes to Google Apps for businesses

"Starting today, we are no longer accepting new signups for the free version of Google Apps."


A Free Day of JavaScript on Mobile - January 27th, 2011

MJG International put on a free conference at Google HQ. With speakers covering topics such as the state of the mobile web, mobile javascript frameworks, browser performance and mobile best practices.


motionless: taking the pain out of Google Static Maps

Creating complex URLs for Google Static Maps can be time consuming and error prone. To make this process more civilized, I’ve put together a simple python library. It supports markers, paths as well as simple centered maps. All the details can be found on github.

Google Font Directory

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The Google Font Directory lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Font API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers.

Unemployment in the U.S. - Google - public data

Monthly estimates of employment and unemployment for all States, metropolitan areas, counties and cities.

Google wants to see client addresses in DNS queries

"If we're going to add client identity to the query, can we do so in a more general way? i'd like to know lat-long, country, isp, language, and adult/child."

Operation Aurora

Operation Aurora was a cyber attack conducted in mid-December 2009 and continuing into early January 2010.


Google should open source what actually matters: their search ranking algorithm

Websites live or die based on how a small group of programmers at Google decide their sites should rank in Google’s main search results.

Google's 'Meaning of Open'

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And please don’t worry your pretty little minds about things like Google’s search or ad algorithms or the specific details of how its data centers work, all of which things Google could not possibly be more secretive about.

Requête de sens

[...] le juge considère que le fait d'afficher, parmi les suggestions, à l'occasion d'une recherche commençant par "direct", les mots "Direct Energie Arnaque", est un trouble illicite

Tout le monde parle de Google DNS...

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Bref, il n'y a de raisons d'utiliser un service de résolveurs externe que si le « sien » est dramatiquement défaillant.

Google Launch of DNS Service and OpenDNS Reply

Access to end user DNS data is pure gold.

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