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WTF? OMG, LOL! CIA gives WikiLeaks taskforce naughty name

"The CIA has launched a taskforce to assess the impact of 250,000 leaked US diplomatic cables. Its name? WikiLeaks Task Force, or WTF for short."

jQueery [pic] : programming

"Edit: I got trolled by this gay website."

YouTube - Quantitative Easing Explained

"The only thing deflating that I can see is the FED's credibility"

YouTube to Animated GIF -

by 2 others
Create Animated GIFs from YouTube videos

Liberally using documentation to describe sections of content

<!-- CONTAINER START: Container holds all the content-->

Dive Into HTML 5: 31e07449843a

I'm renaming the book to "Dive Into HTML 5" for better SEO. This is not a joke.

Last Week in HTML5: mission accomplished II

When he's not busy rewriting the web in his own image, Hixie can be found singing his heart out at the King of Clubs in mountain view.


300 Wesh

Guérilla urbaine ma couille, arrête de flipper "Zoran"

Poulet - Wikipédia

Et mon Q c du poulet ?

Computer Programming - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

"In Soviet Russia, computers program YOU!" ~ Russian reversal on computer programming