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The company behind this web framework is Apple. And the framework is apparently named PastryKit.

Fluid 960 Grid System | 16-column Grid

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Peut être le 1er "framework" CSS potable ?


The performance test of 6 leading frameworks

CodeIgniter, Catalyst, Django, RubyOnRails, Symfony, TurboGears


An open apology to the authors of jQuery, Prototype and others

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An end to the flamewar ? Tout l'monde est beau demande à Zazie ;)

css-boilerplate - Google Code

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As one of the original authors of Blueprint CSS I've decided to re-factor my ideas into a stripped down framework which provides the bare essentials to begin any project. This framework will be lite and strive not to suggest un-semantic naming conventions. You're the designer and your craft is important


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