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Thoughts on Flash

New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too).

How Sir Tim Berners-Lee cut the Gordian Knot of HTML5

"I agree with the WG chairs that these items -- data and canvas – are reasonable areas of work for the group. It is appropriate for the group to publish documents in this area."

Adobe is "sabotaging" HTML5??

"I'm angry and depressed about the total ignorance/laziness of online "journalists" and the sheer credulity of their readers."


Adobe is Bad for Open Government

So next week, Adobe's having aconference here to tell Federal employees why they ought to be using "Adobe PDF, and Adobe® Flash® technology" to make government more open

Developing for the Apple iPhone using Flash

We created a new compiler front end that allowed LLVM to understand ActionScript 3 and used its existing ARM back end to output native ARM assembly code.

Some thoughts about the PSD format

Arguments intéressants

Adobe, Web fonts and EOT

La position d'Adobe


Adobe - Security Advisories : APSB08-18: Flash Player update available to address security vulnerabilities

Adobe categorizes this as a critical update and recommends affected users upgrade to version 10.0.12.

Adobe responds to After Effects gripes

Adobe: Good feature request || Good suggestion

"Dear Adobe..."

La réponse

Dear Adobe: Top 25

Why do you install six "helper" applications in the background when all I want is Photoshop? :D

Adobe Open Screen Project

Does that mean you can implement your own clone which implements what is in these specifications without fear of Adobe coming after you? Yes.

Adobe frees mobile flash: It's about time

The marketing competition to control the future of web apps is continuing to heat up.

Adobe discontinues GoLive

Ca me fait un petit pincement :)