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Trippeo - Easy Business Travel & Expense Management

Introducing Trippeo, a beautifully simple to use app that automates expenses so you can get back to business


Valerie Martinez Agency

Very nice hover effect

A guide to SVG animations

SVG graphics can be animated using animation elements.

Interstellar : Space hunt

Navigate to the depths of outer space for Interstellar discoveries !

20 More Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers

To start out the week, you might be in the mood to learn something new or maybe refine your abilities in a particular language or technology on the front-end.


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Webplate is an awesome front-end framework that lets you stay focused on building your site or app all the while remaining really easy to use


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A simple and flexible JavaScript and Node.js Framework for accessing basic Arduino controls from Web Applications using HTML5, Socket.IO and Node.js.



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