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09 July 2015


library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

08 July 2015


Build pixel perfect apps in peace Design hand-off has never been easier. Generate styleguides and resources, automatically.

07 July 2015

06 July 2015

Wealthfront Engineering: Performant CSS Animations: Netflix Case Study

While going over performant web animations with our new batch of interns, Netflix's new redesign was brought up as an example of something that seemed to have DOM nodes that changed size and pushed other DOM nodes around.

05 July 2015

03 July 2015

Aerotwist - React + Performance = ?

React is very popular at the moment, and I can see why: its developer ergonomics are very attractive. JSX and vDOM are really nice to work with, and it certainly enables composability. But, being the performance-minded person that I am, I wanted to test the claims that it's default-fast.

02 July 2015

01 July 2015

The illusion of life

My personal take on the 12 basic animation principles, applied to a simple shape: the cube. Check also the animated gif gallery here

29 June 2015

23 June 2015

22 June 2015

19 June 2015

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