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31 August 2015

Flarum – Forums Made Simple

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Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. It's simple, fast, and free.

24 August 2015

17 August 2015

10 August 2015

Lodash: 10 Javascript Utility Functions That You Should Probably Stop Rewriting | Colin Toh

An utility class is a class that defines a set of methods that perform common, often re-used functions. - Wikipedia

09 August 2015

07 August 2015

06 August 2015

31 July 2015

27 July 2015

24 July 2015

Inexactitudes, fakes et plagiats : que cachent ces comptes twitter que tout le monde suit ? | Roxane

Vous connaissez forcément ces comptes et il y a même de grandes chances que vous en suiviez quelques-uns. Il s’agit de comptes Twitter se présentant comme des comptes de diffusion de contenu historique, scientifique ou politique. Ils diffusent souvent des images étonnantes et esthétiques, et permettent de se rassurer en se disant que quand même, on apprend des choses sur Twitter.

23 July 2015

17 July 2015

16 July 2015

Useful Pens for Everyday Front End Development - a Collection by Sarah Drasner on CodePen

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Useful Pens for Everyday Front End Development This collection is a way of bookmarking some techniques that will be useful in practice in everyday dev.

Animation Principles for the Web - a Collection by Donovan Hutchinson on CodePen

Animation Principles for the Web Have a look at the code behind each of the examples from

15 July 2015

Creative JavaScript In Advertising on Vimeo

Michael Anthony and Andy Thelander of Active Theory will look back on their first 6 months as a digital agency and share select projects like Clouds Over Cuba and My Life in 20 Years whilst discussing development techniques of client and server-side JavaScript.

13 July 2015


This snippet offers a very easy way to detect if the browser supports WebP images and then replaces jpg and png images if they have a webp images located at the same path with the same file name.

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