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January 2006

GNOME: The Free Software Desktop Project

desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.

XUL Tutorial

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This tutorial describes XUL, the XML User-interface Language. This language was created for the Mozilla application and is used to define its user interface.

December 2005

Pie menus Firefox Extention

a hierarchical, context-sensitive pie menu for Mozilla. It offers an alternative to both the normal context menu and mouse gestures. The feeling is very similar to mouse gestures. But there also is a GUI so you don't have to look up what options are avail

Optimoz Tweaks - Firefox Extention

This extension consist of several modules, each of them optimizing a certain part of the Firefox's and Mozilla's user interface. The basic idea is always to enhance existing controls, and not introduce new ones.

Mouse Gestures Docimentation

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rapid execution of common browser commands with mouse movements

November 2005

October 2005


a direct-manipulation User Interface (UI) construction kit based on display trees. It works with graphical objects called Morphs. It replaces the original Model View Controller graphics toolkit of Smalltalk-8

September 2005

the raskin center for humane interfaces top

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about archy - imagine a system where your work can never be lost. Imagine a system where you can do what you want to do -- send email, write a book, make calculations, manipulate pictures -- at all times, without having to switch applications. Imagine a s

August 2005

GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery

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a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces, as well as various materials related to them.