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27 October 2005

13 October 2005

CLiki : Index Home common lisp

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Links to and resources for free software implemented in Common Lisp and available on Unix-like systems.

05 October 2005

01 October 2005

14 September 2005

13 September 2005

haskell home

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a general purpose, purely functional programming language

12 September 2005

11 September 2005

skype - home

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the whole world can talk for free.

fedora front

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fedora core web page, fedora people blog aggregator, fedora extras, fedora documentation/development wiki, fedora faq at homelinux, fudcon fedora user and developer conference

10 September 2005

09 September 2005 top

a cross-platform, object-oriented framework for desktop application development. based on the openstep specification originally created by next (now apple).

08 September 2005