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November 2005

The Web 2.0 Show

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a podcast about emerging technologies commonly referred to as “Web 2.0”. We focus on interviewing the developers and entrepreneurs who are creating the next generation of web services and media delivery. Our goal is to help others figure out this craz

October 2005

Why Smalltalk: Supporting the Smalltalk Community

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news and information - stay informed about : Smalltalk News, Conferences & Events, Success Stories, Smalltalk Products & Tools, Smalltalk Projects.

September 2005

free the software - wordpress blog

anildigital's blog - it's all about technology ~anil wadghule - pune, maharashtra, india

a qt blog

announcements on developments in the Qt world: Qt itself, applications, publications, devices, as well as KDE, KDE-centric operating systems (particularly Linux distributions), and Trolltech affairs.

July 2005

Eyebeam reBlog

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a community site focused on art, technology, and culture.