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December 2005

November 2005

Quiet Computers - End PC Noise

Silent PCs and the best quiet PC components including quiet computer cooling, quiet power supplies, quiet hard drives, and quiet CPU fans, at low, competitive prices.

Yelp: Maptastic

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search for restaurants and it shows all the restaurants using Google Maps. The super cool part is as you zoom in/out or pan through the map, the results automatically update to only show results that are viewable on the current map.

September 2005

esug smalltalk dvd

VisualWorks 7.3, IBM VisualAge Smalltalk, Dolphin, Smalltalk/X, GnuSmalltalk 2.1.8, F-Script, Squeak 3.7 and Croquet, SharpSmalltalk, SmalltalkMT, Ambrai Smalltalk Beta, Gemstone, Strongtalk, Videos (talks by Dan Ingalls and Alan Kay...), Self, over 3.8G

squeak cd

a squeak cd-rom - contains: squeak 3.7, croquet, squeakland plugins, mirror of squeakmap, free out of print books, tutorials, lectures, etc from the esug smalltalk cd. - iso cd images (620MB) are available:

August 2005

ebay groups

search by zip or keyword

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online marketplace for buying, selling, bartering & trading

July 2005

edmunds enterprises of america, inc. - distro cds

the original home of 99 cent linux and bsd cd's and quality linux web hosting.