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February 2006

Listible! Quick way to get resources

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a tagged community of lists, has a giant registry of Web 2.0 products and services and an RSS feed to go with it.

List of open source software packages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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a list of open-source software packages: computer software licensed under an open-source license. Software that fits the Free software definition may be more appropriately called free software; the GNU project in particular objects to their works being re

January 2006

November 2005

37signals Home - Simple software to help you get organized.

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Backpack is the alternative to those confusing, complex, “organize your life in 25 simple steps” personal information managers. Writeboard lets you write, share, revise, and compare text solo or with others. Ta-da List keeps all your to-do lists toget

The Perl Archive

Perl Archive's Learning Center. Articles, tutorials and more. - ratings, reviews, listing management and more!

Software Garden ListGarden Program: Generic Perl Version ~Dan Brickland

how to install and run the Generic Perl Version on Linux and similar systems as well as on web servers.

October 2005

by 39 others
an exciting new online calendar that makes planning your day simple and easy. - todo lists.


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la near real-time view of website popularity trends as reflected by the social bookmarking service. All URLs that have been posted by a minimum of two people in the past sixty minutes are displayed, ranked by the total number of recent posts.

Oldest Domain Names article - list

a list of the first .com domain names in history (of course, the internet precedes the world wide web, which is why these domains are all from the 80s)

September 2005

Web 2.0 APIs - Link Index List

by 40 others
a database of web 2.0 APIs. organized into a structured format for easy reference.