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29 October 2005

Can't Get Enough Desktops!

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It is possible to run multiple desktops simultaneously, and it is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

22 October 2005

19 October 2005

16 October 2005

window managers for x

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guide to window managers and desktop environments for The x window system.

02 October 2005

Window Maker - Your Next Window Manager - reproduces the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEP[tm] user interface

X11 window manager - GNUstep Desktop Environment - GUI configuration editor, removes the need to edit text-based config files by hand

The DockApp Warehouse - Home

small applications designed for use in X11 window managers such as WindowMaker, Blackbox, PWM, or Fluxbox.

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dedicated to how to do stuff like customize your X desktop.

skipstone | home

a Gtk+ Web Browser that embeds Mozilla's rendering component Gecko. It aims to be light and fast with few dependencies.