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January 2006

EWG Tap Water Quality Database | Environmental Working Group - A National Assessment of Tap Water Quality

Environmental Working Group has compiled drinking water contamination on over 39751 water utilities in 42 states through contact with state environmental and health agencies. For the first time ever, you will see how your tap water stacks up against othe

December 2005

Florida Energy Office

the state’s primary center for energy policy under Governor Bush. In addition to developing and implementing Florida’s energy policy, FEO coordinates all federal energy programs delegated to the state, including energy supply, demand, conservation and

November 2005

The Buckminster Fuller Institute: BFI Forums: The Buckminster Fuller Institute Discussion Forums - Buckminster Fuller Discussion Forums - Design Science Discussion Forums

understanding how our on-line community works both technically and socially. - share your thoughts, experiences and opinions about Buckminster Fuller himself. - your ideas and experiences of geodesic structures.

September 2005