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January 2006

Operating Systems Design and Implementation, with CDROM, 3rd Edition by Tanenbaum, Andrew S. / Woodhull, Albert S.

Computer books at discount prices - - Cover Price: $103.00 - Online Price: $81.37 - You save $21.63 (21%)


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December 2005

Reader┬▓ - find new books to read, put your reading list online

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find new and interesting books through user-defined categories, searches, and popularity among users. find users with similar book taste and see what they read. keep track of your friend's books through RSS feeds.

Free computer science books and lecture notes

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This site lists free online computer science and engineering books (+lecture notes), all of which are freely and legally available over the Internet.

November 2005

On Lisp - BOOK

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a comprehensive study of advanced Lisp techniques, with bottom-up programming as the unifying theme. It gives the first complete description of macros and macro applications. The book also covers important subjects related to bottom-up programming, includ

September 2005