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24 November 2005

ReveNews Online Revenue News & Opinions Since 1998

a trusted, unbiased source focusing on Internet related industries such as online marketing, SEM, affiliate marketing, retail (e-commerce), analytics, spyware, blogging and much more.

Technosight Blog - Web2.0, Blogging, and Tech News

“New Internet” technologies like blogs, RSS, and wikis can help you work efficiently and communicate effectively.

23 November 2005

Sixapart: LiveJournal

one of the web's largest online communities, organized around personal journals.

18 November 2005

15 November 2005

14 November 2005

Bookmarklets Every Blogger Should Have ~micropersuasion blog

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Here's a bunch of bookmarklets that I use every day in Firefox. I highly recommend them.

10 November 2005

Turk Lurker Blog

thoughts and observations on the recently unveiled Mechanical Turk project from Amazon. I've long been a fan of distributed work projects and this blog will detail my experiences on this exciting new opportunity brought to us from Amazon.

09 November 2005

23 October 2005

22 October 2005

9rules network - social - blog link index. a content network that happens to have blogs in it

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community of high quality websites-highly discerning readers-content is king-looking good helps-we add sites that meet these rigorous standards.