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February 2007

Busy morning in Waikiki, Hawaii

This morning we woke up late and took a few hits from the pipe before heading out to get breakfast from the bakery. When we got down the street we saw a big commotion and decided to mosey on over and be nosy. What the fuck was this?! A cop car ran into an

The South will Rise Again

Today I went surfing and lost count how many waves I caught. I considered today as the beginning of the new south season on Oahu. Sure it might not really be in full swing until another few months but today was the start. There is currently a nice souther

January 2007

This is just my quarterly detox.

For the past few months I've been trying to detox but with very little success. My body feels worn down and in dire need of a break from my daily intoxication. I smoke to much weed. I drink too much alcohol. I have too much caffeine. I really want to quit

She's 18. I promise.

This girl doesn't look it but she's 18. Her name is Koreana and she's from Indonesian. Koreana is going to University of Hawaii to learn english and couldn't seem to find a job until she saw my ad. She called me earlier in the week and I met her today for

January 2006