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08 January 2007

I invited the wrong swingers over

So last night I invited the wrong swinger couple to hang out with us. Alison and Wiley were making jokes the entire time they were here and I was just trying to get as fucked up as possible to forget the situation. Everything was really awkward the whole

07 January 2007

Opps, wrong swingers

Right now I'm hiding out in my bedroom. I was online earlier working for some fucked up reason and a few random people started IMing me. I thought they were this one couple we had been talking to so I invited them over. They got here and its this black gu

01 January 2007

Happy New Year!

New Years eve was somewhat uneventful but relaxing which is what I wanted. We just brought a bottle of champagne down to the crowded beach and watched the fireworks. My new years resolutions are: generate a revenue stream other than my day job, spend less