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23 February 2007

I was melting into the floor

I'm fucked up right now on Salvia, or sage. It cost us $37 for a single gram from the Purple Ringer. It's quite an interesting high. It's comparable to mushrooms I'd say. It's much more psychedelic than pot and makes you very comfortable. Right after smok

05 January 2007

Don't just stand there, bust a move

<p>10:40am - This is finals week and I'm not happy about it. I only have to give a 2 minute presentation in tech writing and take my big discrete exam. I'm spending today preparing for the discrete exam. I'm going to impromptu the presentation. I think

Still nowhere

<p>1:30pm - Here I am, home for the second day in a row. The first two days I've skipped all semester. I'm trying to find a ride on campus because I have some homework due today at 4. I just finished it. The reason I've skipped for two days straight is

What am I doing here?

<p>3:16pm - This is my new journal. I'm going to keep my entries in html files instead of using a database. Even though a database would be cool and searchable and all. The fact is, I had a journal in a database and now it's stuck in it. It was in a d

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