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21 January 2007

I just shove it all in and she gives me a grievous moan

<p>The spring semester is finally over and grades should be out soon. The summer semester starts next week so I get a week off. And what have I been doing with all this free time? Well that?s just what I?ll talk about in this entry. That and what my plans

The lights making her ass a shimmering masterpiece in the darkness

<p>I've started writing an entry maybe three times already but I get past the first paragraph and something distracts me so I scrap it. I'm hoping I can get through a little more than one paragraph this time but who knows. I'd like to write about the fun

17 January 2007

Leave your clothing at the door and come on in

So the US is at war with Iraq now and I'm still on spring break. I've got a few things to discuss today. First I'll start off with the canoe trip. Then drunken nakedness followed by the nude beach. And to close I'll make my case on this Iraq mess.

14 January 2007

The no sleep theme kept up until last night

<p>Today is a busy school work day for me but I?ve managed to find some time to throw together a few random thoughts and post it here so you can devour my mind. First there?s school work, then there?s the wedding and my long weekend, the decline of <a hre

12 January 2007

Yet another mindless babble

<p>Here we are once again. I'm exhausted and burnt out with this whole school nonsense. It takes up way too much of my time. It's like a job that never ends. Even on weekends there's always homework or a test to study for. So enough of me complaining a

There's porn in the air. I can smell it.

<p>So today is Saturday and the end of the first week of school. Not too bad I must say. I've got some nice things to talk about today. I'll start with talking about Jennifer (the crazy girl from Cleveland), then someone who has been watching me on the

11 January 2007

Happy new year

<p>Happy new year. A day late sure, but it's a good tone to set for the new year. So this entry I'll talk about the new years evening, working out, school, my two nights with Gisselle, openness in my journal, my web cam, marriage, and plans for life af

I hope we can be civil and get along because it'll only make things difficult if we don't

This is my letter I've written Laura's mom.<br /> <br /> UPDATE: For those of you who weren't reading the site to know what I was apologizing for, here (dead link removed) is the link to the journal entry that has it. I've typed this because my handwri