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21 January 2007

The lights making her ass a shimmering masterpiece in the darkness

<p>I've started writing an entry maybe three times already but I get past the first paragraph and something distracts me so I scrap it. I'm hoping I can get through a little more than one paragraph this time but who knows. I'd like to write about the fun

17 January 2007

That's all part of the adventure

<p>Well this should be short and sweet. Last night we had the bright idea to throw some money away on the Sterling Casino Cruise. We'd never been and thought it might me a good time. So, we gathered a friend or two, well two to be exact, John and Anitra,

11 January 2007

Happy new year

<p>Happy new year. A day late sure, but it's a good tone to set for the new year. So this entry I'll talk about the new years evening, working out, school, my two nights with Gisselle, openness in my journal, my web cam, marriage, and plans for life af