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20 June 2010 05:45

JODConverter | Art of Solving

# Microsoft Office to OpenDocument, and viceversa * Word to OpenDocument Text (odt); OpenDocument Text (odt) to Word * Excel to OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ods); OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ods) to Excel * PowerPoint to OpenDocument Presentation (odp); OpenDocument Presentation (odp) to PowerPoint # Any format to PDF * OpenDocument (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation) to PDF * Word to PDF; Excel to PDF; PowerPoint to PDF * RTF to PDF; WordPerfect to PDF; ... # And more * OpenDocument Presentation (odp) to Flash; PowerPoint to Flash * RTF to OpenDocument; WordPerfect to OpenDocument * Any format to HTML (with limitations) * Support for 1.0 and old StarOffice formats

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